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A Star Cannot Shine With A Broken Heart.

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A fairy tale in which a young man, Tristan, promises to bring his crush, Victoria, a falling star in the hope that she will marry him. However, when he actually finds this "fallen star", he sees that it's really a woman, and that an old witch is trying to steal her beauty by cutting out her heart! In this adventure, Tristan has to protect Yvaine in order to give her to Victoria as promised, but comes across many different obstacles; for instance, Lightning Pirates, three witches, princes and more!

My Opinion:


When the film first came out, I figured that it would be just one of those boring fantasy, rom-com style films which I would hate. However, after being bugged by my friend to watch it, I got it for Christmas, and I absolutely loved it. The storyline is nothing like what I expected, as it is quite unique and very gripping. It is your basic fairytale type of story; it shows exactly what someone is prepared to do to win their true love, but also shows that love turns up in the weirdest of places!

The acting is amazing; with an all-star cast I wouldn't expect anything less, but it really does astound you the way all of the characters are in sync with each other. You can feel yourself getting drawn into the film over and over again as you wish for the characters to either escape, fall in love, whatever. It's extremely intense the way in which Danes and Cox play their scenes together, you can feel them getting closer and closer, and you wish for them to get together, but this doesn't happen until the end, keeping you in suspense. Michelle Pfeiffer is great as the witch, playing the part to a tee; it's hilarious when she uses her magic and becomes older and older, her hair falling out and half her face getting wrinkled.

The fantasy side of the film is immense; it sparkles like any fairytale should, and the settings are amazing. I particularly love the way Yvaine (the star) glows when she's happy, and dims when she's not, as it shows how advanced the special effects are which are being used. Special effects are also used greatly with Pfeiffer as the witch as I've said previously; she doesn't look artificially old, but extremely realistic.

I would fully recommend this film, as it has everything a fairytale should have. It's got the witches, the princes, the stars, the love, and the moral. Amazing - ten out of ten from me!