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A Teddy Bear That Rocks

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I don't really collect many things but I really love teddy bears . A couple of years ago I decided to start buying a teddy bear where ever we go on vacation. In the spring of 2007, my sons and I went to Gatlinburg for a weekend trip and stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. After lunch my sons were looking through the t-shirts in their gift shop when I spotted this teddy bear and had to have it.

This bear is manufactured by Herrington Teddy bears, a very well known maker of teddy bears. On the tag it says it is Manufactured by Herrington Teddy Bears for the Hard Rock Cafe Signature Collection. It also states that it is a Limited Edition Collectible

This little teddy bear (which I named H. R.) is a soft medium brown color. His fur is very soft and has a nice sheen to it. He has brown eyes that actually look like eyes, with a pupil and iris. His muzzle and the pads of his paws are made of a soft, slightly fuzzy tan material. His nose and mouth are stitched with black thread.

H. R. is wearing a white sleeveless t-shirt that has The Hard Rock Cafe logo printed on the front with Gatlinburg printed below the logo. He has a plastic button on his leg with the Herrington Bear logo and a tag with the Hard Rock seal on it. You can also go to the Herrington website to order a free certificate of authenticity.

H. R. is one of my favorite teddy bears and sits on top of my fireplace. If you like teddy bears, check out Herrington Teddy bears. Their website is www.herringtonteddybears.com.