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A Treasury Of Fairy Tales And Nursery Rhymes

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By ladychai on
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When I was a kid, I have this childhood friend who has a complete set of fairy tale books. I envy her for that, my mom never bought me books like that. I used to think that it's the Chinese Blood in her that is why she never bought me books. I can never recall having any book before entering school. I love to read, I remember one time at fourth grade, our classroom was beside the library so every after class while waiting for someone to fetch me, I would stay in the library and I would read story books, most of the time about mythology. At an early age of ten I was already introduced to Gaea and Cronos and Zeus and his Siblings, Poseidon and Hades. I have read the IIiad and the Odessey. Mythology was the nearest thing I could find in our library wherein I can consider as fairy tales. During weekends I would go over my friends house so that we can read fairy tales, about Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella or Snow White and the Swan Princess. I used to daydream that I was a princess, I guess every girl at one point of her life dreams of becoming one.

When I had my daughter, I kept watch about what she likes, what she is capable of. I made sure that I give her the best there is. I also realized why my mother did not buy lots of toys. Having just one child and I am already tight on my budget, what more having two? My father's salary before was only Php500 per month and he refuses to let my mom work, we have two nannies as well and was also building a house. So to say, my Dad's salary is not enough to buy our excess wants.

Since I still have some extra cash to take care of my daughter's curiousity, I bought her books because I noticed that she is very observant and can easily understand. For me, books are essential in brain development. My daughter does not have a friend with whom she can borrow books from since most of the kids today are focus more into computers. But I made sure that even with today's technology, certain ways of learning can still be applied even without it. Old fashion way of learning is still fun and more imaginative.

This book has different stories and some nursery rhymes as well. I read my daughter a story whenever she demands one. She usually waits for me to arrive from work (which is usually early dawn). She would then demand for her books.

This book contains the following stories:

Goldilocks and the three bears, Gingerbread Man, Alladin, and Sleeping Beauty. Every after each story, there is a page for nursery rhymes. The book's page are not hard bound, I would wanted to buy those hardbound ones so that my daughter will not tear the pages but because those types of books are more than I can afford, I settled for this one instead.

One thing about this book as well, like any other compilations is that the illustration is not as vivid as those of Storybooks from Walt Disney. Most of the time the characters conveyed in Disney cartoons are the ones we will imagine if we talk about fairy tales and this book does not depict those characters. Nevertheless, the stories will capture our imagination and my daughter loves listening to the stories I read for her.