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Reviewing: Sony Playstation Ps3 40 Gb  |  Rating:
By michael on
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Ok, I may not have a ton of experience with gaming consoles, but I just LOVE this PS3.

I had an XBox, and that was a fun console. Microsoft consoles have a really wide variety of games available to them, their market penetration is deep, and I kinda do like Microsoft stuff, but that's no reason to continue using them.

First off, and not that this is a really big element as to why it should be purchased (it helps); the system looks pretty cool. Love the shape and the black polished surface, and I can't lie - I like to press the touch sensative buttons.

It's WIRELESS - man, that just does it for me. I hooked it up to my network in about 10 seconds (after I found my network key) and it's off to the races. Even the controllers are wireless, and I hooked up my bluetooth headset. The only time I actually have to touch the unit it to put in different game disks.

It has this really cool interface / menu that is not only super easy to use, but fun too. You can install new themes for the interface and you can store photos, videos and all kinds of stuff. I like that I can download game demos and test them out before buying or even renting. I hate when I buy a game that I don't like, especially when they are in the $40 - $70 range, which they are for the PS3.

So, what else is there to say? It is a blu-Ray player!! Which for $400 makes it one of the most inexpensive Blu-Ray players on the market. How cool is that? It also means that there are games that play at 1080p, which is exactly what I want. I don't have a lot of time to play games, but when I do, make it a visual feast - knock my socks off!

The PS3 does it big time. I feel bad for my XBox, sitting there unused, but I gotta do what I gotta do.