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A Truly Great Conditioner For Frazzled Hair

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Candida Eittreim By Candida Eittreim on
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If you're like me, you've bought truckloads of hair conditioners hoping to improve the strength shine and condition of your hair. Between salon and drugstore buys, I know I've spent a small fortune with only satisfactory results. Highlighting, coloring and sun wreak havoc with anyone's hair over time, leaving us with dry, brittle and rough tresses. In my case, I have the added problem of having thick wavy hair.

I found the solution by accident. I had just switched salons, and my new stylist began immediately fussing over my parched head. She offered me a conditioning treatment she swore would greatly improve my overall scalp health. The old skeptic in me muttered to herself, "sure it will". It did. After two appointments, I could feel and see a visible change in the texture and shine. I asked her what she had used to effect such a huge change in my hair's condition.

It was Redkin's Color Extend. For $15.00, this excellent product did things for my hair I never believed possible. Seriously, my hair has NEVER looked or felt this good. Instead of the old coarse dry feel, it now is smooth, highly shined and completely healthy. Unlike other conditioners which simply seal the hair shaft for awhile, Color Extend works to promote healthy hair from within. After a months use, wet or dry, you can truly feel how much better your hair condition is. Not only that, my color and highlights stay vibrant and true much much longer.

Color Extend has a 360 Protective Complex system, consisting of 4 layers of defense: UV filters to prevent sun fading, conditioning silicone to keep your color's vibrancy, ion blockers to help stabilze your color and ceramides to give your hair overall strength. It is very easy to apply. After washing with Color Extend shampoo, lightly towel dry hair, apply the conditioner, work it through thoroughly, and in 3 minutes rinse it out. This conditioner would be especially needed for those of us who color or highlight using home kits. Relying heavily on harsh ammonia and peroxides, they cause a tremendous amount of drying and breakage. Using Color Extend will help minimize the damage and keep your hair looking much less coarse and dry.

This conditioner gets 5 stars from me for promoting and restoring hair to a much healthier state.