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A Truly Heinous Shade Of Lip Color

Reviewing: Clarins Lipstick #460  |  Rating:
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I recently received this product from someone. When I took the top off, I just knew this was not the shade for me, let alone anyone. I don't think this would be becoming on any skintone, seriously!! This lip color could literally stop traffic, since it looks like a neon stop sign or a traffic cone.

I would never wear it outside the house, since I don't even want to wear it indoors. *Shudders*

I first applied the lipstick at 2:59 PM. It felt like it applied smoothly. I inspected my handiwork closer in the mirror. I saw that the lipstick seemed to skip over some small areas on my lips.

I noticed that the formula emphasizes lip lines. Once I smooshed my lips together, everything looked a lot better, though I think it does pick up any flaws on your lips. At 5:30 PM, I checked my lips and I thought there was less lipstick remaining. Yet my mouth still looked bright orange, as if the lipstick doubled as a lip stain. I observed that there were pigment flakes in the middle of my lips and on the outer lip line; that was all that was left of the lip color. It looked awful! After this, I ate dinner. I looked in the mirror afterward, and my lips still looked bright orange, like I ate a radioactive ice pop.

The scent is no thrill to me. It is fragranced, and smells kind of sweet and floral.

The lipstick tube is made out of some sort of soft-touch plastic. I really like that. Here is a packaging woe for me: two sides of the top are curved to fit on the curved parts of the silver Clarins logo. Though, it looks cool, I prefer tops that are square. Since all the sides are the same, it will close easily. With the type Clarins has, if you don't look at the tube when you close it, you might put the straight side and not the curved side onto the silver logo. If you did this, the tube won't close. Annoying!