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A Used G5 Mac From Power Max

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yeah yeah yeah, it's a MAC vs. PC review. But there is a difference, ...I'm both a MAC and a PC so listen up.

I’ve always had both operating systems for work reasons and while I’ve been drawn to the MAC side more often than not, PC’s do have very important points as well.

This review is for new computer buyers out there, or for anyone that’s ready for a fresh perspective.

I had my old MAC G4 for 7 years (bought it new). I did have some trouble with it in the end days, but mostly just with hard drives crashing and giving up the ghost if you will. But all-in-all it was a great performer and in the same time period I did purchase three PC’s; one of which is outdated and setting on the floor as a drink costar.

So here is the skinny, PC’s are made to be cheap and replaceable machines. They ARE starting to make some better equipment but I believe it’s only due to MAC laying waste to their market share. And you'll notice that the comparable PC's pricing are going up. Also, hundreds of companies make PC’s and only one company makes MAC’s. To me that’s important and I think it’s something that most people don’t consider.

Some see PC’s failure due to Microsoft operating system, but keep in mind Microsoft has to generate operating systems for thousands of PC configurations and Apple only has to make it’s OS for the configurations it chooses. Again, showing that if your looking for a more controlled design and software package, then MAC just has more going for them.

My current system is:

Case: G5 - Dual processor USED and Refurbished

Processor/s: 2 GHz X 2

Memory: 1.5 GB

There are two versions of this system made in the same year. One of those has 8 memory slots and the other only has 4. Make sure you get the 8-slot version. Also the “Dual Processor” is much different than the “Dual Core” processor. Talk with you rep to see which one fits you better. I process a lot of graphics and run multiple programs at a time and so the Dual Processor was better for me. As listed I bought mine through PowerMAX and their technician was great to work with.

Bottom line, …. THE MONEY

Used MAC: 800.00 to 1500.00 | Used PC: 200.00 to 500.00

New MAC: 1700.00 to 3000.00 | New PC: 800.00 to 1500.00

You’re going to spend more on a MAC; especially if you go new. But you can get a used G5 as I’ve described here for less than a newer comparable PC in both design and specifications. Remember the three points, ….Case/Processor/Memory. For most people these are the only points that they need to compare. The Case is the box and it’s connectibillity for Printers, Cameras and so forth. There are other factors like graphics speed bla bla bla, but most non daily gamers don’t need to focus on those things and just confuse you during your already stressfully process of forking out money on a computer.

Good luck, I promise you that if you get a MAC you will be frustrated at fist due to a different operating system. But have you EVER met a MAC person that said they hated their MAC? Can you say the same for people with Windows based PC’s?