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A Very Good Cell Phone

Reviewing: Sony Ericsson Xperia X1  |  Rating:
Kittly Green By Kittly Green on
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I do not think anyone is going to believe me but this is the first mobile phone I have ever owned. Yes! I have used my husbands and daughters a very odd time, but this is the very first phone I have ever owned and I really am impressed with it. I should of had a molile years ago and do not think I will be without one ever again.

My daughter kept saying to me that I really should have a cell phone incase I break down in the car, as I live in the country side. She said she was buying me one for Christmas and she did. I did not expect such an extravagent phone from her and I was slightly annoyed with her when I found out the price of it, but she said "its's only the best for you Mum". She told me 'I would love this kind of phone' and 'boy 'is she right.

The first reason was because I nearly died of shock at receiving this and secondly I was taken by it's looks and features. I opened the box and unwrapped the phone and really was amazed on how small it was for this type of phone. I thought it was going to be much bigger. It really felt solid and well made. It was no cheap plastic phone either. It was metal and even the QWERTY keypads keys where metal. I really was pleased with this.

The overall design is very pleasing indeed. It really is a very good looking, stylish and a really modern phone. It is very impressive and eyecatching indeed. The best looking phone around in my opinion. Everything on board really comes together on it and compliments each other very well. It is a beautiful silver shiny phone with black features, that really match it well. I love it!

At the very bottom of my Xperia is the microphone. It works well. There is also an eyelet and I have a little charm attached there. At the top of my phone is the Power switch and a jack port for listening to my music with earphones. On the left side of the phone is a mini-USB port, micro-SD card slot, and a speaker. On the right hand side of the phone there is a camera shutter button, the camera zoom button and the of course the volume keys.

It sits behind a good looking, stylish cover that I like. It is easy to take out and remove it also. Apparently it is the the largest capacity battery to date on the market. This phone lasts over five days, before I needed to charge it. I was amazed at first, as I was using every function going on my phone. You will also find behind the battery, the SIM card slot and the micro-SD card slot, which are nicely tucked away.

My husband says it's the best one hes ever used. The whole aspect of it is very strong and the keys are very solid and comfortable.They really are very easy to use as well and I love this feature with this phone. You can just feel that this keyboard is of top quality when you use it and even open it up. The Keyboard slides out of the phone and feels very strong, safe and very secure to me. The keyboard is also very comfortable to use and the keys are well spaced in my opinion and I can type quite quickly with it also.

The keyboard on this phone by the way does not slide, like a lot of people have commented to me on, as they thought it did, well actually it is the screen it's self that slides. It slides out I guess, for easier viewing of the screen and easier typing by its swing motion and postion. It all feels rather nice to me and in a class of it's own. It really has been designed very well indeed with everything taken into consideration. This keyboard on this phone has to be tried out to be believed. It really is a pleasure to use it.

It nearly fills out the whole front of My phone. It has a 3-inch display on it. When the phone is closed over, the screen looks really well on it in my opinion. The screen is the best one I have even seen on any mobile to date. It really is clear, crisp and the color is so vibrant that you will be amazed with it. It is excellent when watching your videos and you will really impress your friends with it. You will notice how bright and clear the fonts all are also on this. It really is a high resolution of (800 x 480 pixels) apparently. It's really excellent quality viewing indeed! To me its very clear, easy to see and is the best quality screen I have seen on any phone before this one.

The overall build of this phone is amazing in my opinion. The metal finish is of high quality and it really feels nice to hold it in your hands. The overall feel of this phone reminds you what you paid for. Quality. You know that if you accidently drop this phone, It is not going to break into two. It really is very stylish and eyecatching and you will be proud to show this off to your friends, as I sure am.

It is awesome, amazing and incredible and has to be tried and seen to be believed. The reception is really good as well on my phone and I am pleased that it really is so good, as no one in my household can pick up a good signal, without having to move to a window somewhere, but not me. I really am blessed with this phone.

This to me, is not just a phone it is everything you ever need in one luxury device and everything works really well. It is so impressive in my opinion, you will be blown away and constantly showing this off to everyone you meet, like I first did. This phone is perfect. It's in a league of it's own. Every simgle aspect of this phone works brilliantly and the quality of it is top of the range.

I highly recommend this phone to everyone. It has to be tried out for your selves to know what I am talking about. You really will be impressed with Xperia, like me. I guarantee that. Honest. It really is an amazing phone, that I cannot believe someone has bought for me. I will be forever in their debt, as this is my new best friend that I love dearly and I cannot put it down at the moment.