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A Whole New World In The Oblivion Universe

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The first expansion to Oblivion was a waste of money for a few hours of enjoyment. However, Bethsada thought they would give it another shot and released the Shivering Isles, a new expansion that promises a whole new world for you to explore. And it does give you that and much more.

In the Shivering Isles, you are welcomed to a new island where the world is surrounded by insect life, crazy monsters, and stuff to explore. The king of the island, Sheogorath, has welcomed you into his court and gives you the chance to rule over the land. You can choose sides between Madness or Dementia and set out to become king.

This game offers a lot to the Oblivion world, a whole new place to explore. The expansion also adds a lot of new monsters to see and new weapons to try out, including the Dawn/DuskFang, an amazing sword the replenishes itself when it turns day to night or night to day. This expansion adds a whole new set of stuff to explore and wear, it really adds a new experience to the game. It also adds a nice 30 hours of gameplay to your experience.

The one complaint I have about this game is there really is no human enemies you will run into besides the occupants of the town. While some people will be excited to see the new monsters, you can’t raid people of armor so you have to deal with the treasures that find in the dungeons. The foes also are freakishly powerful and are resilient against your weapons, so the dungeon spelunking can be really tough.

An expansion that actually does what it promises, and is worth every penny. This expansion will add even more fun to your Oblivion experience, a must buy for anyone who owns this game.