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Ab Lounge Sport Is Awesome!

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nightsjewel1984 By nightsjewel1984 on
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I just got the AB Lounge a month ago the assembly was easy and easy to use. My husband how ever is 6'2 and has a hard time using it becuase of his height so that is the only downfall to the AB Lounge Sport. They have a newer one out but that one is more pricy. Overall i am happy with my purchase my husband i am sure would feel diferently.When looking at the Ab Lounge Sport, one would not think that it would do very much, but it does. It is very easy to use and takes minimal effort compared to regular crunches or sit-ups. One just simply lies back in the chair, holds on to the elastic and does a jackknife motion. After doing about 10 or 20 crunches, depending on how strong your abdominals are, you will start to feel a burn in your abdominals. However, you do not feel near as worn out as doing regular crunches and sit-ups. Also, there is no pain in your lower back or neck because they are fully supported. You may think that is all you can do with the chair, but there is much more. The Ab Lounge Sport also can be extended backwards creating more work on the abdominals, so if the regular crunch is too easy, then your body can be extended to make the exercise more strenuous. This makes it so that anyone can use the Ab Lounge Sport, from someone who has toned abdominals, to someone who has very weak abdominal muscles. The variety of the Ab Lounge Sport is a huge plus because anyone in the house can use this chair, young or old. There are many other ways to use the Ab Lounge Sport, and they are all included in an instruction booklet and workout DVD.