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Above The Rest

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Cooling sensation for hair and scalp

Wal-Mart Price 7.89

23.7oz. bottle

I've got what may be called a rangy head of hair, and a LOT of it. It's been said that when I pass, all that will be in the box is a wig and a nametag. From "Business Man's Cut" to "Hippie" to "High and Tight" and anywhere in between, my head and scars have been through many layers or lack of covering.

Wash and wear. That's all that I do. I'm a guy, whatta ya want?

I've seen a comb. I know there's these things called brushes, I replace them in my drills and other power tools occasionally;-p!

This is to say, it's another "bell and whistle" matter in my perspective. "Don't need it, don't buy it." Well, here's one that is "...above the rest."

I've had less hair products in my life than I have fingers. Out of my teens and into my twenties it was short enough for bar soap. Yep, the 3min shower. Good to go!

A more "attentive" girlfriend in my "hippier" days waged an endless crusade to educate me and implement on my head the rudiments and finer points of "hair care and maintenance".

Well, she and the hair are long gone, but something remains. The importance of a good shampoo. I suppose it has been more than ten years now, that I've been going to the same section in the ol' hair care aisle. One little hitch in that big old bush helmet on my head. Yep, it's shameful and embarrassing. Without consistent "treatment" my shoulders look like a fashion offering from the studios of Pablo Escobar.

Dandruff! If "like begets like" then I'm just a giant (though quite articulate!) FLAKE.

I have been through a label or two, but it is always until I get another bottle of H&S.

Proctor & Gamble got my attention with their product facelift back in the 20th century.

The first of now an ever growing specialty line. "REFRESH" really got my attention.

Here's my One-Two


Clean~ check

Rid of flakes~ check

Smells good~ check

Use everyday~ check

Priced so I'll buy it~ check

Yep, that about does it. I would offer a redesign suggestion to whoever handles that @ P&G.

The lid of the bottle is very thin. It's edge, where you lift it open is actually somewhat sharp.

I have pressed nearly to cutting my fingertips a couple of times.

For effective treatment, clean hair and still getting out of the shower in "5". Head and Shoulders is above the rest. Just be careful with that bottle.