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Abraham Lincoln For Kids Is Fun And Educational

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Abraham Lincoln for Kids by Janis Herbert

Every kid learns in school that Abraham Lincoln was one of the most well remembered Presidents of the United States, but in most cases, that's the beginning and end of the story. However, he wasn't born in the White House. He had a life before that, and you can read about it in Abraham Lincoln for Kids–His Life and Times, by Janis Herbert. Herbert's book shows Lincoln's youth with his settler family, his days as a young working man, what he went through to get an education, and finally his presidency and the Civil War.

Fun learning is effective learning, and author Janis Herbert knows how to keep things interesting. The book she created was written for 9 - 12-year-olds, but it is very informative for readers of all ages--after all, I didn't know about Abraham Lincoln's early life before I read it--but it is also well written. Herbert writes in an engaging voice kids can enjoy while they learn.

Readers also get some fun, old-fashioned play, with the included crafts and activities that show a little of what life was like during Lincoln's time. Some of these activities include making a miniature log cabin or stovepipe hat and learning how to participate in a debate or deliver a speech. Images of headlines from Lincoln’s time are scattered throughout the book to tell the reader a little about other important events that happened in the era.

Even as an adult, I found Abraham Lincoln for Kids – His Life and Times to be a really fun and educational read. I think it would be an excellent learning tool for kids, but I think their parents will get as much out of it as I did. My child was past the target age of the book when I read it, so I didn't try any of the crafts. However, I think parents who do them with their kids will find some useful lessons and opportunities for educational discussions. This book helps kids learn not only about Abraham Lincoln, an important figure from our history, but about how to live a successful life. I know I took a lot more away from it than I expected!

Abraham Lincoln for Kids--His Life and Times was published by Chicago Review Press. The cover price is $16.95, and it is available at Amazonand other major retailers.