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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

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I am a big Abraham Lincoln fan and I love novels about Vampires.When I heard about this book called "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" I was very interested in what it was about. I found it at Target for a great price ($14.99) and I bought it. It was a very easy book to get through. I LOVE history and I love fantasy and this book puts both of those together.

The story is basically the life history of Abraham Lincoln. It incorporates the true life of Abraham Lincoln and mixes in some fictional vampires. It starts with the death of Abraham Lincoln's mother. We were always told she died from "milk sickness" Who knew it was really a vampire come to take her life in payment of a debt that Abe's father owed. I found the story very interesting how the author mixed fiction with history. Abraham Lincoln makes a vow to kill every vampire in the united states in revenge for the death of his mother. He ends up being helped by a vampire who sends Mr. Lincoln letters of vampires who need to be killed. This goes on throughout Mr. Lincoln's lifetime. Who knew that Abraham Lincoln had this secret life of being a Vampire hunter. The ending has a little surprise to it as well.

If you enjoy historical fiction then this would be a great book for you. This is the perfect mixture of history and fiction. Not too much vampire and not too much history. At some points I was laughing hysterically because the author is so good at combining the two I would find myself believing the vampire story. The cover artwork is pretty funny as well.

I have the hard cover copy and it is 336 pages long.