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Abs Away Your Fats

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Dom sim By Dom sim on
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I tried this machine at the gym the other day. This is a very popular exerciser at the gym since I saw many people using this machine during their workouts.

Pros: The Abs Away Pro supports the body during workouts. It not only supports, it also keeps the body in good form too because you are partially lying on the machine face up during the workouts. Most abdominal machines in the market lack back support thus straining the neck and the back. After trying it, since it is comfortable, it makes me want to try again more often in the future. Another BIG PLUS is -the machine can be adjusted for beginners, intermediate or advanced by increasing or decreasing the resistance to suit the different level of users.

Cons: Personally I don't think the Abs machine will melt away fats as claimed by the advertisement. To reduce away the fats we need to incoporate good diet with workout, working hand in hand. The advertisement always make people think that just be working on it for a few monutes a day, it will magically melts away our abdominal fats like magic!! I do wish that it is that easy but the answer is NO.