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Accch.. My Acnes Gone

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I used to go to a beauty clinic to get rid of my acne problem. You can imagine how much money I must spend for one time visit to the clinic although the cost covered doctor consultation and acne products.

Since I’m an Oriflame member, one day I decided to try Tea Tree products by Oriflame which claim to treat acne. The products consist of 4 sets:

- Tea Tree Purifying Wash & Tone Gel

- Tea Tree Purifying Blemish Solver

- Tea Tree Purifying Oil

- Tea Tree Purifying Corrective Stick

First of all, I wash my face using Tea Tree Wash and Tone Gel. It comes in a bottle of 150ml. Although it’s said that it’s a foaming gel, but the foam is not that much compared to other washing gel. What I get after washing my face using this gel is the sensation of refreshing face.

After my face is clean, then I apply Tea Tree Purifying Blemish Solver. It’s pretty easy to use since all I have to do is apply it right to the acne spot. Don’t apply it too much, a little of it will do just fine. Pretty economical I should say. After a while my acne will dry. The packaging is unique; it’s a plastic tube with diameter approximately 1cm, length 10cm and contain 14ml. With packaging like this it enables to keep its hygiene. One tip that should be kept in mind is that you should apply this using a clean hand. Wash your hand first before apply it to your acne. It’s a little painful on my acne when using it a couple of first time, but it signals that it’s working to let dry the acnes. I usually apply it before going to bed and after washing my face using the Tea Tree Wash and Tone Gel.

At night I use the Blemish Solver, whereas at day I use Tea Tree Purifying Oil. The formula in this oil has high pure organic Tea Tree to naturally soothing my skin. It comes in 10ml. Although it’s oil, it doesn’t make my face oilier than before. Instead, it even makes my acnes a bit dry.

Tea Tree Purifying Corrective Stick is always on my bag whenever I go outside. It comes like a lipstick (4gr) that makes it so simple to use whenever I need it. Its application is like the Blemish Solver, just apply it to the acne spot. It will cover up the acnes and dry them in an instant.

What I like best by using these products is that it works perfectly on my sensitive skin. It’s very unlikely that an acne product is suitable for any sensitive skin. But these products are miracles! By regularly applying all these Tea Tree products, I can see the result in a week. My acnes are all gone and I’m glad that they work tremendously. They are also much more economical compared to the beauty clinic visit. The products could last for a year. Although I still use them until now, I should keep maintaining a healthy life to avoid acnes coming back again. I have some tips for you to avoid getting acnes:

1. Always care for your face. Wash your face regularly, at least 2 times a day. You may use special soap or gel that treats your face accordingly.

2. Avoid excessive make up. Immediately clean your make up and make sure it’s perfectly clean before going to bed.

3. Avoid those fatty fat meals because it’s one cause for getting those acnes. Food like fried food, nut and beans, french fries, etc are among others that should be avoided. Instead, consume more of mineral water, fruits and vegetables.

4. Apply healthy living style. Avoid getting stressed, have enough rest and exercise regularly.