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Accept: 'Metal Heart'

Reviewing: Portrait Records 1985 Release  |  Rating:
David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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Accept was one of the greatest influences in 80's Rock N' Roll, and produced albums of great magnitude. This particular release, was decked with many great tracks. The electric guitar was a style unrivaled in the era of the 80's.

The #1 track is ‘Metal Heart', a very hard rocking song. It is a masterpiece, as are all of their works.

The next track, ‘Midnight Mover' reminds me of a time when I was only twenty years old and drunk as a skunk. Oh, how those were the party days.

‘Up The Limit' is the #3 track, and this song is a lot like the style of ‘Krokus', as the vocals are very aggressive. I love this mean riff.

‘Wrong is Right', is a three minute song delivered with a lot of gusto and might. It is definitely one of those that require dial adjustment into the higher audible range. I love the way that the drummer never loses a beat to the guitars. These guys ran with ‘Judas Priest' in their style, if not extremely identical in many ways.

The #5 song is 'Screaming For A Love Bite', which helped make this a classic release. It is a very impressive track that was a radio favorite back in the day. It was more of a radio type song, made for the airwaves.

The sixth track is ‘Too High To Get It Right', a very classic party tripper. It can take you away. I turn this one all the way up. A song about the lifestyle and its downfall (illusion).

The #7 track, ‘Dogs On Leads', is a lick that will get you riled up as well. This is some of the best party music of the day, which of course is the 80's generation. This is one that AC/Dc could have done. I love this song. This could be the new introduction song for Michael Vick as he enters prison.

‘Teach Us To Survive' is next with the same type of electric vibration. This track is more like a title song for a 007 Movie, than a rock song.

‘Living For Tonight' is the #9 header on this collection. It is more of a promotional piece, as it portrays the band as a whole. Every member is heard in this one. It is a battle song if you ask me. I think the guitar is excellent, and I am impressed with the range that the lead singer can reach as a leather clad rocker.

The final track is a masterpiece for sure. ‘Bound To Fail' is probably the best electric mix on the release. It is fast, strong, and burns in the veins, with an anthem like encore that makes you feel like you defeated the witch from OZ. I love the vocals in the background chorus, as this one leaves me wanting more. This is a great song.

If you don't already own ‘Accept: Metal Heart', you should go get this album/cd for your rock collection today. You will be glad I told you about this one!