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Accounting's Hard No Matter What Program You Have.

Reviewing: Intuit Quickbooks Pro 2009  |  Rating:
klkwid By klkwid on
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I hate accounting. I think that overall most people will agree with me, too. In my business, a medical office, accounting is one of the ancillary things that we NEED to do, but we just aren't trained very well to do it, so I've tried getting software to make it a little easier to keep track of what we do and what we spend money on. I've used 2 versions of Quickbooks now, and I'm not very satisfied with either, but at least there were a few little improvements to the newest version that we bought.

Quickbooks basically is accounting software that I use pretty much as a checkbook ledger and a track of our credit cards. We don't need this software for billing because there are several rules that apply to medical billing and we need special software for that, but from what I understand, you can generate invoices and print checks on this software, too. Pretty much I have to go through each and every item on our checking account statement and type items in one by one, making sure to balance at the end of each month. With all the information in the program, I can generate reports detailing how we did each month, how much we spend on certain things, how much we take in, etc. Reports are difficult to generate and very complicated, but once you whittle down to what you want, they are very helpful.

I get extremely frustrated every time I look at a Quickbooks screen. There's so much you can do, but it's not stuff that I would ever use. Supposedly you can upload your bank information to the software and it will fill in your checking account automatically. Unfortunately, that's not always possible with different banks. Mine is one of those banks that doesn't work with it.

Quickbooks IS a necessity in my business, but I REALLY wish there was an easier way! It does what it's supposed to, but it eats up a lot of time getting information organized with data entry and figuring out the stupid reports. Until something better comes along, I'll be slaving away in front of my computer to the beat of the Quickbooks drum.