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Acdc: 'Back In Black'

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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Another great album that resides in my music collection from the 70's and 80's, is AC/DC's 'Back in Black'. Considering that this album/cd rose to the top with a brand new singer, who at one time was the luggage boy for the band, and was a rebound album after the death of Bon Scott, I would have to say it is one of the top ten album/cd's of all time.

The first song on this track is 'Hells Bell's. The song sounds off with church bells and progresses into a very sweet guitar creeper by Angus Young. When hearing this song for the first time ever, you are gauranteed a skin tingling sensation. The song is rebellious from satans point of view. Even though it sounds like an evil song, it is constructed with true fact of the way things are inside our tainted minds.

The second song on the album/cd is 'Shoot to Thrill', an excellent party song. When the album was released in 1980, this song was the first song I heard on the radio. It's also a song of evil temptation, from the perspective of all the things that satan has to offer us, that we humans so need in our lives. The freedom of being associated to this song is what the writer intended: Women, guns, and pills. A very strong mix. The song has a strong drum beat resembling an indian dance rythym and ends with a stance toward pleasure.

The third song on the album, 'What do You do for Money Honey', is about backstage sex and parties with roadies and prostitutes. The song degrades the woman after she was had for free, and asks "what do you do for money honey" in reference to her willingness to give sex for free. Even though the lyrics are harsh, it's a great lick.

Song #4 is "Givin' the Dog a Bone', a follow up to the previous song, explaining the ability of women to please men. This one sounds like the previous song, both instrumentally and lyric wise.

The fifth song 'Let Me Put my Love Into you', again is about the need of rock stars to have women backstage to party with. The song touches on the desire to use the rock image to get sex, drugs and anything else. It is a plead for sex and sympathy.

The sixth track is the title song. It is about the spirit of Bon Scott coming alive in Brian Johnson. This is a controvercial view, as others may think it means something else. I believe its about the spirit of rock that flows through the singer into the listeners. This song rocked its way to the top ten almost instantly. It is one of the bands greatest songs. It also implies that the church wants to censor freedom of speach.

song #7, ' You Shook Me All Night Long', is probably the best song on the album/cd if you ask me. Its about the eruption of pleasure that persists in the natural relationship. A direct radiation of lyrics to all te girls in the audience.

The eighth production on this stellar album/cd is 'Have a Drink on Me'. It is an awesome guitar jam about getting wasted. The song leads the listener to feel that rock band life is day to day with the future being now. It mentions some pretty powerful whiskeys. It is about getting toasted and having a good time on the one paying, being the lead singer, I would asume.

'Shake a Leg', ninth on the list, is almost the best. It is a song about being taken up in sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. It lets the listener feel that we are all white trash with no hope but being. I get a few different vibes from this one.

Last, but not least is 'Rock and Roll Aint Noise Pollution' an assertion to the moral right that rock will never die. It stipulates that nothing is stronger than Rock-n-Roll. I love this hard core rock album. I have had to replace a few worn down copies, over time, but this album is a must that has just got to be there. I suggest that if you don't own it, purchasing it should be #1 on your list.