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Acdc: 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap'

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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This 1976 release was one of the bands early releases which included multiple releases over a two year period. I always say that the first is the best, but with this bands opening song and title track, 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt cheap, it makes it hard to distinguish the best from this band. Every album released was a #1 in my book. 'Love at First feel', the second song was a hit amongst women with the 'Hots' for Bon' Scott, the bands original lead singer. This album sky rocketed as soon as it was released, because the fans gobbled this band up like candy. You could not get enough AC/DC, and that was a common feeling. I fell in love with this album at first feel.

The rest of the tracks on this spectacular rocking hit are definately worth a mention. The most controversial song from this 70's favorite was 'Big Balls' which had the censor freaks realing with a passion. It is followed by the fast paced 'Rocker' which has a saloon type feel to the rythym, and a wild effect on the senses. The #5 song 'Problem Child 'is the song that hit top of the charts with a bang. So many people adapted to this song. I am a problem child myself and I love this drum laced riff that shows Malcom youngs ability to construct an array of breath taking guitar strokes lined up with the contant beat of the drummers magic. Its almost a non stop party, this one is.

At the last stretch of this release from the golden era of Rock-n-Roll, we get to hear the #6 song that was performed with a on stage spirit. The chorus fills this song with a great back up to Bon' Scotts impressive parlor song. The #7 song is about the lavish stardom that comes with being a Rock Star. 'Aint No Fun (Waiting around to be a Millionaire) is a strong rock lick that gives you a sense of the bands success. This song is a promotional gimmick the band used by writing this one directly to and about the people who made them #1 . it is a slower paced guitar ride with strong bass guitar and follow up with drums. I love listening to this while playing poker. It is very relaxed.

'Ride on' is next with an impressive slow bar room effect. This song is about the careless abandon a man feels when he his lonely. After being dumped at a young age because of his evil ways, the lead character of this song declares his strenght to ride on. With a careless attitude towards sex and booze', and a red light distict lounge appeal, this song sets the final song up for its glory. The #9 song which is last but not least is an awesome finale for this album. 'Squealer' is a fantastic riff with emphasis on the bass guitar and its heart pounding effects. Starting soft and working up the intensity with lyrics that increase as the song plays out. It is the good-bye song for sure.

With this extensive review I remind you that this is a #1 classic that every true rocker should own. Get this one now and blow the speakers!