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Acdc: 'For Those About To Rock'

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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Like a firing squad blasting of it's cannons, this remarkable treasure is a brute. The Cover song is the first to blast away on this 1981 rock classic. ' For Those about To Rock (We Salute You)', has got to be the best opening rock song on any rock album, ever, period. Inspired of Roman soldiers, This one really rocks. The drum roll and cannon fire collide in this explosive First title. The #2 song 'I Put The Finger On You' is a great second song. This fact paced riff is a party rocket for entertainers and hosts. I have this one on a dvd also.

One song on this cd stands out for me. It is the 3rd song titled 'Let's Get It Up'. This is a personal favorite of mine that has to be played twice in a row. Its about group spirit and trust, rising to the top and the struggle to explode onto the scene of Top Rock Performances, with high powered music. Quite the crowd disturbance influence this one had at a concert I went to many years ago.

The #4 song 'Inject the Venom' is a down right get in your face favorite. After this one is over the band rolls into another favorite of mine, the #5 song, 'Snowballed' which starts of with a suttle guitar and drum mix. The powerful lyrics to this one are about forces that are not to be reckoned with. it keeps a study beat as it conquers your senses with great guitar sound-off. The following song 'Evil Walks' is about the curse of sin running through the veins of rock lovers. This suggested song is a party hit.

The last four songs on this great collectors item have just as much power and influence on the AC/DC fan as the first six. The seventh title is 'C.O.D.', one of the albums deepest. It is a mouthy fast paced song of the animal inside people who need to party and rock. It explains the hardship of survival and the need for more money to the tee. The #8 shocker "Breakin The Rules' folows this top rated song with a mix of top notch rock itself. Slowly pounding its way out your speakers, this one crys out to up the volume. It's a soft story about rebelion. Chaos prevails in this menacing instigator of a song. This outburst is definately a song about the band and the power of rock that allows them to break the rules (of music)and (regulation). Next up is 'Night of the Long Knives' at #9. This is a favorite also of mine. Malcom and Angus young tear this one up as does the drummer and lead singer Brian Johnson. 'Spell Bound finishes this album off with a song about hard times and the curse of bad luck. This whole album/cd is a must for rock collectors everywhere. I strongly urge you to get this great one!