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Acdc: 'Highway To Hell'

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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A higher realization occurred in 1979, in time to create a rocking atmosphere in a clouded haze of that decade to come. Rocking out was not a chore to do in the 80's. It was no problem as long as an AC/DC album was playing and the lifestyle was being lived. I loved being one of those party types that could handle a quick buzz, and a quick riff.

The style that AC/DC portrayed was that of a bunch of sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll loving animals. Yup, that was me, too, and it would have been terrible without this awesome band of my time.

Ripping up the living room with such titles as this cover song to the sinister, yet, simple album;

‘Highway To Hell', lights up any party monger with a sense of proud enthusiasm. It was cool to be a rebel on your way to hell, and this song said it all. It is a great opening song to this ‘Highway To Hell' title, and the rest of the songs played tight as well.

The second song, ‘Girls got Rhythm', is a fancy rock beat for sure. These party beasts were happy to be offensive, and distinguished. The song lights it's way across the psychedelic realms. And I am telling you that this song promoted some wild action.

‘Walk All Over You' followed with a great low altitude, attitude. The enemy stayed away, as we had all cruised the gut looking for trouble. We had the speakers blaring, and this one full blast on the same day of release. Those were the days.

‘Touch Too Much' was definitely a classic AC/DC song, with a wild guitar solo, and great instrumental pressure on the mind. Taking a gulp of fresh quality air, and kicking back with that song playing was a touch too much on the realities of the norm. As marijuana became popular, this one did also, fueling the echo-plasma frequencies. I was there, and it lasted a while. The taste still lingers with the memory of this exciter.

‘Beating Around The Bush', explains the job description of giving this review. The fact was that, we all were beating around the bush, as we were often called ‘Stoners'. That's what I think this one is about. It is about letting it all hang out, and being open with the choices we make. Beating around the bush, was what most people did. They hid the truth.

‘Shot Down In Flames', just came up, so I pumped up the volume. I recently had to explain my religious beliefs to a woman preacher. She was Christian, and I am a stranger, that does not believe in the Christ. She shot me down as fast as a gunslinger turning a step early. I was shot down in flames, and as this one blasts through my eternal space, that which I own, I inhale once again to the beauty of all God's creation. I won't hold my breath on this one.

‘Get it Hot', well explains the excitement of my review. It is personal, just between you and I, so lets get it hot and churn of the proverbial mud, which this song intended. If you get your body in the right place, you can light the sky up with the glow of your passion. It is the type of song most need, while reading a copy of HighTimes, and showing off the centerfold.

The war on drugs prompted the next one to be a classic, as most people felt like Big Brother had us all penned in a human zoo. Cops were known to beat and ruff up the wrong type of crowds, one most of us ranked by category. I was reminded by this great song, ‘If You Want Blood', what it was like, supporting this band. We all had a piece of history in us, that rejected total control of yesteryear by taking a toke in public, and keeping peace alive!

‘Love Hungry Man ‘ better describes the man I am now. My Lady of 25 years is sitting right here with me enjoying this tight, manipulating rock smash hit We haven't changed too much, only a few things are in the past, like the feeling I got the morning I bought this one at the Book Nook.

‘Night prowler', is the final piece of mind altering static you will get on this one. It was made for the dark side in all of us. It was built up, from the finest instrument players of the age. The era of the 80's was laced with all types of lifestyles, but this one reminds me of that pleasant and ‘ High' feeling I used to get when this one played. Though times have changed a little, I can't seem to stop listening to this music that the church so hates. Yes, I believe in God, but I believe that God is Most High, and he's probably blazing a blunt right now as we speak, while his headphone block out the repetitious prayers of the so called saved. This one echo's beyond his headset.