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Acdc: Stiff Upper Lip Music Cd

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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The last great album/cd of all great album/cd's produced by this great band was recorded in 2000. The cd cover is a tribute statue trophy to Malcom Young, the bands creator.No band in any era ever rocked the air waves like AC/DC, a renegade group of hard rockers. My teen rock years were filled with the memory of every great release.From 'High Voltage', the bands first release, to 'Stiff Upper Lip. There was not one song that this band recorded that wasn't a great song.

This Album/cd is a special one for me, because it is the longest running 'New Cd' that this band has. It will set a world record, because to me it is a new cd and always will be. The title song 'Stiff Upper Lip 'is definately the song to represent the cover. Twelve songs lace the archive of this release that is way to good to pass up. The content all rocks.

A very strange coincidence lingers with 'the #5 song 'Safe in NewYork City', which ironically was played on air often prior to 9-11-01, the fateful day of the terrorist attacks on the twin towers in NewYork.The final song on this forever to be heard cd is 'Give It Up', which is of course about leaving the rock profession for retirement. This cd is as good as it gets, litteraly, when speaking of this band. They never let us hard rockers down. I rate this one with utmost respect for the impact it has had on my love for music. What a way to go, always on top.I'll miss the band, but I will always have this awesome cd in my collection. Thanks AC/DC for this final good-bye rockin release. I am gonna miss those new ones I always counted on.This cd will always be played, no matter how many times I must replace the old worn out ones that have provided me with such satisfaction.This is a great buy!