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Acdc: 'Who Made Who'

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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If ever there was an AC/DC album that was not 100%, it is this one. I only say that because there was only 9 titles with many of them from previous releases. I love the line up, don't get me wrong, but I feel a little jipped on this one.

On a possitive note this is a screaming performance by the band to keep the music alive during the hard years. This was almost the bands last release. The line up is fast and short. The original fresh song titled 'Who Made Who' rips this album wide open. The #2 song is 'You Shook Me All Nite Long', a previous release from the 'Back in Black 'album, which compliments the first song. The 3rd song from this not as popular release is 'D.T'. This song is quite different from the AC/DC norm. Completely instrumental in nature, this musical instrumental mix, lacking all lyrics is probably the artistic piece that makes this one a must for collectors.

The album continues to go places the band has never gone with the #4 track 'Sink The Pink'. This new style of AC/DC magic needed the previouse released songs to keep This album on track to great sales.

the 5th song on this album, 'Ride On' I feel was a reminder of the impact Bon' Scott had on the band and its history with this previously released song from an earlier days album. Bon' Scott was missed dearly by the band and often found his way back into the albums that they made after his death, either in material he wrote or performed. 'Hells Bells', from the 'Back in Black' album comes in at #6. This first hit song performed by Brian Johnson from his first performance clearly marks the previous song as a tribute to Bon' Scott. I believe that Bon' Scott wrote this one right before his death.

Three songs top the album off, reminding the fans that this album was a tribute to all the factors that made the band #1 in the 70's and 80's. The fans, definately still loved this release as it is always on the radio even today. The 7th track on this collection album/cd is shake your foundations. This will always be a collectors favorite. The band succeeded in keeping this release popular enough to get through the storm with the next titled performance which was also instrumental without lyrics. 'Chase The Ace' would have been a great one for the 'High voltage ' album, which coincidently is a release about the poker experience.

Finally this album lies to rest with another previous release titled 'For Those About To Rock'. This greatest hits mixed release is a great album /cd to put on top of your music stack. It's worth the investment if you are eager to have every song in your collection. It finishes with a bang and is pretty much a needed album/cd to complete the AC/DC run.