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Ace Combat: The Belkan War

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By shawn on
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Ace Combat: The Belkan War is where things began to tire in the Ace Combat series. Longtime fans probably won’t notice that the series is simply repeating itself over and over with the same missions and unlockables. However, casual fans would be better off purchasing a cheaper past installment and garnering the eerily familiar experience. On the other hand, the game still offers some fun and a bit of replay value.

The Belkan War can also offer a bit of frustration. In every single Ace Combat title there is a super weapon that players must deal with until they eventually destroy it. Until now, the weapon had been somewhat predictable in that you can dodge it with a bit of knowledge beforehand. In the Belkan War, the weapon will simply blow you out of the sky after the countdown, which offers no further instruction.

However, once you get past the frustration and the fact that the game is simply repeating previous titles, it can still provide the same experience as before.