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Ace Hardware Royal Interior Paint

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I have always used Bher paint when painting the rooms of my house. Recently I moved to a place where Ace hardware was by far closer than anywhere I could get Bher paint from. I decided to try Ace paint because it was going to be so much simpler to get more paint if I ran out here than driving a half hour. I started with the economy version of Ace paint and it was just OK. I missed my other paint, but decided to keep using Ace paint for the convenience factor.

I just finished paint a room in the Global Purple shade of paint. It is a dark purple color, so I had to use the more expensive Royal brand of Ace paint. I was told that the colors at the bottom of most of the color example papers only come in the more expensive Royal paint. I was not happy, but decided to get it anyway. I wish I wouldn't have.

The room I am painting is a basic sized bedroom (not sure of the exact square footage). By judging from the other rooms I have painted with the economy version of Ace paint, I should have only needed one gallon of this paint to get 2 coats on the walls. Well, one gallon did do two coats, but just barely. Not only did I have to get every little drop out of the can and roller to cover the walls twice, but the color was horrible! The first coat was almost a reddish fuchsia color...and it's supposed to end up deep purple! The second coat did make it darker, but it was still very very streaky and transparent.

I ended up having to buy TWO MORE quarts (should have just gotten a gallon) to put the third coat on. This paint is very watery and runs horribly. I will NOT be using this paint again.