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Ace Of Base The Bridge

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Ace of Base is definitely one of my favorite groups. I was fascinated by their hits, The Sign and Beautiful Life back in the ‘90s. I recalled buying this album with my senior high school mate at the only one record store in my hometown. The album is entitled ‘The Bridge’ and it contains 16 tracks.

1. Beautiful Life

It’s the most beautiful song in this album. They put this on the first track, hmm… clever, and it grabs my heart so much! A great mixture of the upbeat dance rhythm, a bit of gospel, and the lyrics. It’s sort of giving energy to your life, a great inspiration for me! Definitely the highlight of this album.

2. Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry

Another upbeat tempo which is wonderfully written by Jonas. However, I found that it quite resembles ‘All That She Wants’. Yet, again it’s an inspirational song about self-acceptance.

3. Lucky Love

Love the tunes! The lyric is just for fun but the melody, it’s great!

4. Edge of Heaven

A kind of ballad, and the first Ace of Base’s ballad I’ve listened to. For me, it’s only worth listened to when the mood allows. I mean, I expect fun, upbeat melody when playing Ace of Base’s CD, and surely this song doesn’t qualify that. But I respect them in making a new different kind of music.

5. Strange Ways

Keyboard and some Middle East influences are the strength of this track. The lyrics are not that catchy, but the tunes are okay. A little bit different from the other upbeat songs, and I personally think that Ace of Base has tried a new taste in their music. But whether this is a good thing or not, I’m not in the position of judging that.

6. Ravine

A piece of slow melody by Ace of Base which is sung by Jenny. Love the chorus, and the lyric is about self-understanding. Jenny should take the credit for it.

7. Perfect World

The lyric is good, the dance is still here, but with slower tunes. Not much of my fave, though.

8. Angel Eyes

This song speaks about love at first sight, a mellow yet fabulous song. I think I might recall something like Aqua’s piece when listening to this. I couldn’t remember the title of the song, though.

9. My Déjà vu

It’s kind of Latin or Spanish influence on the music but I enjoy it, though I can’t enjoy the lyrics.

10. Wave Wet Sand

Another piece of slow beat song performed by Jenny. I think I liked it at first, but now I realized I don’t like it much. Maybe because of the slow tunes, or the lyric that bothers me, I don’t know.

11. You and I

The upbeat tunes sound promising for an Ace of Base’s song. I personally think that this song shouldn’t be compared by those like ‘Beautiful Life’ or ‘Lucky Love’ or ‘Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry’. It somehow lacks something that those three I mentioned above have. Love the tunes at first, but I lose my grip on this song afterwards.

12. Que Sera

Again, Ace of Base proves that they can also make a mellow song. This mellow song is added with tecno slow dance background music, and apart from the lyric, I like this addition.

13. Just ‘N’ Image

Probably the right song to be played on a club. I like it the way I like Sophie Ellis Bextor’s ‘Blood on the Dance Floor’. Lyric is not catchy, but the strength of this music is the tunes and its background music.

14. Experience Pearls

A quite unique song because of the deeper meaning in the lyrics. The tunes are ordinary but when listening to it, I guess I focus more on the lyrics. A good song to listen to.

15. Whispers in Blindness

For me it’s just ordinary and nothing is special in this ballad. The lyrics are also ordinary, and everything in this song is just ordinary. The non-catchy tunes and repetitive lyrics make the ballad even boring at times. I usually skip this when playing the CD.

16. Blooming 18

I love the last piece of the album because of its mid-tempo beat and the lyrics. Probably a good way to close the album with this marvelous song.

The Bridge is surely an album I should count on when my mood turns like having fun. Although the ballads are still hanging there, I think that they tried every different path to make this album sounded wonderful. Whatever it takes… But hey, not all their ballads are bad, I like some of them. So, Ace of Base’s efforts should give appreciation for offering some different new ideas to change their ‘sticky’ techno dance music. Bravo Ace of Base!