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Acer 22 Widesceeen Monitor

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I was forced to purchase a new computer monitor, due to the fact that during a burglary mine was stolen from my home. I needed to replace it ASAP so I could resume normal computer activities. Since it was late in the evening, I headed to my nearest Wal-Mart to find a monitor that would get me by for now. I ended up with an Acer 22" widescreen monitor, and couldn't wait until I hooked it up! After all, my last monitor was only 15" and I wanted to experience this great big screen to see what I'd been missing! There was no problem hooking it up and getting it going, but much to my surprise everything was stretched out, and images looked like they gained a good 10 lbs!! No problem. I went into the settings and tweaked them a bit. I still had that stretched out squatty look! So now I go into my computer resolution to see if I can fix the problem from there. Yes, that worked, but my print was so small I needed binoculars! I guess I'm not too computer savvy, and the product manual was of no help.

I returned the monitor to Wal-Mart, and looked at other widescreen models. I noticed that on other models you can change the image so that there are 'black bars' on the sides of the viewing picture, that make the images look more normal. But I figured if I had a widescreen monitor and was only using a portion of the screen, then why have a widescreen monitor at all!

In the end, I bought a regular ol' square monitor and love it! I have read other reviews on the Acer monitor I purchased, and customers seem to liked it a lot. It could be me, but I just don't see any advantage to having a widescreen monitor. Just my opinion...