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Acer Aspire One Series Zg5

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Yes, there are lots of fingerprints on this netbook screen and here's why:

This little 8.9" blue Acer Aspire One Series ZG5 netbook belongs to a friend. My husband is so good at repairing computers that we seem to accumulate at least 2 computers a week. Well, this past week it was 3. Most of them are needing repair due to a nasty 2010 virus going around that keeps computers from booting up and even preventing them from booting into Safe Mode.

Since my mother-in-law was visiting us, we were checking this little netbook out and thinking that it would be perfect for her.

There are lots of pluses for this netbook:

> The size is compact and easy to carry in a tote or large purse.

> It weighs just 2.3 pounds, so it is lightweight enough for backpacks too.

> It uses a 3-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery - which is not that bad.

> Runs XP Home Edition

> There are 3 USB ports, which is good

> 1 microphone jack

> 1 audio jack

> 1.3 Megapixel Camera - not great, but at least there is a camera

The negatives of this netbook:

> This model is only a 8g harddrive which means I would use it up just for surfing online or accessing my E-mails.

> It only has 1024 MB DDR2 (PC2-4200) RAM, which is very, very slow - especially for someone like me who thrives on speed and opening lots of windows (tabs) while I work.

> There is never a CD/DVD drive in these netbooks, which means you have to buy an external drive in order to install software. This is making it extremely difficult to repair this unit.

With the lack of the CD drive, my husband had to use a large capacity thumb drive to work on removing this virus. Yes, an external CD drive would have been helpful but many people don't realize these netbooks are missing the drive so no backup disc is ever created. That is unfortunate.

Because of what we had seen about this netbook, we decided it was best for my mother-in-law to get a 15" laptop instead and then she would not have to worry about upgrading it for a few years.

But, for the purpose of taking a little laptop (netbook) on the go for accessing websites, checking E-mail and doing small tasks, like taking meeting minutes, these little things are quite convenient. If I ever decided to get one, I'd have to still have myHP 17.3" super laptop that I absolutely love.

Update On Jun 27, 2010: I have a correction to make on this netbook. This was one of the very first netbooks put on the market and the harddrive is NOT a 120GB, but a 7.90GB drive. Yes, you read that right - it's not even 8GB of drive space. So considering the new ones of this model have a 120GB drive, that's an improvement but still not enough for me to purchase one.