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Acer Emachines Em250 1162

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Acer Emachines EM250-1162

About four months ago I started looking for my first laptop. I was undecided about which laptop I wanted, I prefered to buy a well-known one such as a Toshiba, Dell or HP, but on the other hand, I ended up buying the cheapest netbook that I found on Ebay. I purchased the Acer Emachines EM250-1162. At first, I didn't know what to expect from it and it took me honestly, more than a couple of days to decide whether to buy it or not. However, today I couldn't be happier of my purchase and I'm looking forward to buying more of these netbooks in the future. Let's review it:

As the name states, the Acer Emachines is a machine created and assembled by Acer (Acer components, Acer quality, Acer Warranty), but under another name (Emachines). In fact, the name "Acer" appears only in the user manual, it doesn't appear in the netbook at all. Companies today are doing this to sell more products because there are consumers that buy products by the brand name and others by the price (like me). The model is the EM250-1162, which is very similar to the Acer Aspire One D250, but with just a different name.

The most remarkable feature of this stunning netbook is the memory space. Normally, netbooks have a capacity of 160GB, but the EM250-1162 presents plenty of memory space under the 250GB SATA Hard Drive. It is important to mention that Acer states that the hard drive capacity is about 250GB when in reality it is 220GB. What is more, after all the programs are installed, a little more than 210 GB will be available for you (which is yet much more than the normal 160GB).

The netbook comes with a 3-cell battery which at a 50% netbook use, lasts about 3 hours or so. The range of the battery is between 2:30 hours and 4:00 hours depending on the use of it. I, for example, use mine to listen to music (Winamp) and to surf the Internet (Internet Explorer) and I can go for some 3 hours and a bit more.

The screen of this Acer-brand netbook is small, 10.1in. However, the brightful LED shows a beautiful display of colors and graphics just as an expensive laptop. The Operating System included is the fully-operational Windows 7 Starter which looks very professional and attractive. The biggest downturn is not being able to change the Desktop Background unless you get to the Windows Files (which for someone like me would be useless, I can live with just the original background).

The speed of the netbook is determined by an Intel Atom N270 of 1.6Ghz, which combined with the 1GB of RAM (DDR2 SDRAM) memory, makes this small netbook run smoothly and with no strict pauses.

Acer also added one of their new 1.3 megapixels internal webcam, which complemented with the Dolby Sound internal Microphone enable the users to make of this netbook a strong communication device.

Other features included in the EM250-1162 are a WiFi LAN, 3 (2.0) USB ports, 5 in 1 Media Card Reader, Microphone and Headphones Hi-Jack, Monitor plug-in, and a DSL port.

In my opinion the Acer Emachines EM250-1162 is a GREAT netbook. It is small, not heavy at all, nice keyboard although compact, efficient speed, enormous capacity, completely operational, and of course, super cheap. Prices may vary from $228 at Wal-Mart, to $265 on Ebay -no shipping charge-. For a college student, as a replacement for an expensive laptop, as a first netbook, it is ideal for everyone. It depends on the user to make some changes to the netbook. For example, if you want to listen to music, surf the internet, write the college paper and chat with your friends all at the same time, I would recommend to upgrade to 2GB of RAM, which by the way is very easy to change because under the laptop there is a direct space for it. This means that you wouldn't have to disassemble the netbook in order to change some parts. On the other hand, if you are planning on using the laptop just for emails and surf the internet, the Acer Emachines is the perfect suit for you. I have no complains at all about this laptop which adds also a 1-year warranty (which I don't think I will have to use). Here are more detailed specifications:

Laptop type: ultra-portable Laptop-Netbook

Processor: Intel Atom N270 1.6Ghz

Memory: 1GB RAM (DDR2 SDRAM) expandable up to 2GB (1 slot).

Hard Drive: SATA 250 GB

Display: LED 10.1in

Operating System: Windows 7 Starter Edition

Weight: 2.62lbs

Graphic Processor: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 950

Audio Output: Headphones-Sound Car-Speaker(s)-SPDIF out-Line out

Audio Input: Integrated Microphone

Features: 1 x SD Card slot 1 x Memory Stick Card slot 1 x MMC Card slot 1 x Memory Stick Pro- 1 x xD Card Slot

Expansion Ports: 3 X 2.0 USB- 1 x VGA out- 1 x RJ-45 (NIC)

Features: Integrated Video Camera 1.3 Megapixels- Keyboard- Touchpad Multifunction (Zoom, Expansion, Rotate)

Networking Type: Integrated Wireless LAN

Battery: 3-cell Lithium Ion

Dimensions: 10.17in Width- 7.24in Depth- 1.03in Height