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Acne Free Sensitive Corrective Cleanser

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diamadams By diamadams on
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Let me start off with the type of skin I have: dry, flakey skin on jaw line, cheeks, and a little right above my eyebrows. Oily right around my chin, nose, and top of forehead. I get break outs if I dont wash my face. And sensitive all around.

I must mention that what works or doesnt work for me, doesn't mean that it wont work for you.

I have been using this AcneFree brand for awhile now, starting with the Redness Reducing line, and absolutly love it, but I went to go buy another bottle of that, and the store was all out, So I saw that the store was having a sale on this brand, and saw the Sensitive Corrective Cleanser. So I know my skin is sensitive because I have broken capalaries and redness all over my face. I looked at this and said, "Why not". So its the antibacterial Formula, with Tea Tree Oil, which I had no idea what that ment, but I decided to buy it anyway. It also has Salicylic Acid 2%, which is what I need to keep my breakouts down. Its a 4 oz. bottle tube, and it looks pretty big, so im hoping it will last me awhile. So when I went to wash my face, the cleanser itself is like a gel formula, which is the best for sensitive skin. I preceded to do my normal washing of the face routine, when I noticed that the cleanser didnt really lather up, which is weird, because I had no idea if I put too much or too little product. It seems like it just kinda sank inside my skin. I went to wash off the remaining product on my skin, and it was so hard to tell if my face was clean from it. Dont get me wrong, my skin was so smooth and soft, it just felt like whatever I did, the product would not wash completly off my skin. Which was a little weird to me. I have been using it for about 1 month now, and I can tell you that my skin has gotten clearer, no more breakouts. As far as the sensitive part goes, I can honestly tell you that my skin has gotten more broken capalaries, which is not something anyone wants or needs on the face. Im not sure if the cleasnser is making that happen, or what. I can say that it wasnt a bad buy on my part, I just miss my other face wash! I will not buy this cleasner again, due to the redness it casued my face.