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Acuvue 2

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By mikeys-thoughts on
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The Beauty of Not Dealing With Glasses

I've been whereing acuvue 2 for around 10 years now. The thing I loved most about starting to where acuvue 2 contact lenses was having a better choice besides glasses. The glasses definitely didn't feel as comfortable as the soft contact lenses especially when they would feel dirty. I never did like eatting food with my glasses on because I just felt less clean and greasy. I was glad to get that out of the way and be able to eat more in comfort with my acuvue 2 contact lenses. Also not having to deal with cleaning my glasses or having to go to the eye doctor to get them tightened when they would get loose was also positive. All these things added up into a major benefit for me. I where contacts 100% of the time now.

The Comfort of Acuvue 2 Contacts

The contacts feel comfortable most of the time even when I don't follow the instructions exactly like I'm suppose to. I'm suppose to take the contacts out every night before I go to sleep but I sleep in them most of the time. I like to save time during the day by not having to put them in. I'm sure many other people are the same way especially in these busy times. Sleeping in my contact lenses after so long can cause my eyes to get dry more often but using liquid eye drops, saline solution, or even just plain warm water can help my eyes feel moist and comfortable again when whereing the Acuvue 2 contacts. When they get overly dry it usually means its time to replace them. The contacts are designed to where for a month, but of course wore down the quality faster keeping them in longer. Whereing my contacts for longer times in my eyes I know effects the vision quailty at least somewhat but not enough to really notice that much. Since I where my contacts non-stop mostly I should really replace them every 3 weeks instead of 4, but looking how long its been since I purchased 8 boxe(6 contacts per box) I already replaced them even sooner without even realizing. I still give the rating in comfort a 5 since I had no problem with discomfort when I did take them out every night as instructed.

Looking Back

When looking at my past buys and seeing when I last bought the 8 boxes(6 contacts a box) of Acuvue 2 which I purchased on 1/05/2009. I now have only one box left meaning I've used 21 pairs of contact lenses so far. I averaged replaceing a pair of contact lenses every 18 days without even realizing until today. The where length is suppose to be 1 month if I took them out as instructed which I would rate as a 5.

Was It Worth Turning Whats Suppose To Be A 1 Month Supply Into An 18 Day Supply?

Yes, considering I almost eliminated not having to take them out and put them back in upon waking up. Sleeping in them and saving time was very much worth it even if I used them up faster.

Psychological Effects

whereing the contacts over my glasses gave me a boost in self-confidence. People would give me compliments on how I looked good in my glasses but I didn't feel it. My self-confidence alone was enough to satisfy me more when I started whereing contacts. My Mojo got a boost.


I would like to find contacts that are designed to where while sleeping. I thought I've heard of contacts that can be used for that purpose but I'm not quite sure. I'll have to look it up and ask my Eye Doctor about such contacts.

The Price

If I buy 1 box(6 lens per box) of contact lenses at a time from my Eye Doctor it was around $20. I could get a good discount buying contacts in bulk from my Eye Doctor but I got an even better discount buying in bulk online. I bought 8 boxes of Acuvue 2 from Visiondirect.com by using Bing.com to get a percentage of cash back along with free shipping totaling $122.59. Its a good deal considerng what I could had paid. I recommend buying contact lenses in bulk online as you can get really good deals.


All in all I enjoy whereing Acuvue 2. If I could find some contacts that would be more moist and less dry it would be better for me. That may be asking too much for how long I where them.