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Adaptec Gamebridge

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Tristan Cole By Tristan Cole on
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I bought this product as sort of an experiment a while back. I had 2 consoles hooked to one TV, and didn't want to keep switching them, or buy a selector. I stumbled across this one day, and got a deal on it, so I jumped. I wasn't sorry, but I also wasn't as pleased as I was expecting to be.

The Adaptec Gamebridge is a decent product. It is very small, light, and easy to use. The software included is very easy, and everything is already there to get the thing up and running! You can plug your item in the RWY ports, or through S-VIDEO. I only tried the RWY ports, so the S-VIDEO could be better, I am not sure.

First thing I noticed when I installed this is that the game looked a little different. It seemed the signal was a bit compromised, which I sort of expected, but it was a little more than I had hoped for. The signal also lagged a bit. This would be bad for FPS games and such, although it didn't make a difference in the games I was playing. It was still very playable, I just noticed in a few parts it lagged, which can be bad for a lot of people, but for the once in a while gamer it isn't bad.

Overall, this product is decent. The S-VIDEO might even be better, so that would be a plus. If you don't have a TV to use for a while, or a colllege student without a TV or something, this would be a great product. But if you have a TV, then just use that instead, unless you just want this anyways.