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Addicted To Ft: The Farm Town Review

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#fullpost{display:inline;} There's this buzz gooing around the internet, that it became as one of the top 15 largest appliations on Facebook. I'm talking about FarmTown, a game developed by Slashkey, and in just a couple weeks, this game's traffic exploded on FB. I really don't know what's in this game, except that you plant, and harvest and sell your crops, and work for other farmers to earn coins, overall, its a boring game actually. But I myself is addicted to this game. And eversince I told about FT to my Aunt, she became addicted to- she's on level 24 now, higher than me, I'm 22. And now my youger brother is also geting hooked on this game.

The goal of this blog post today is to share to you some signs that you are addicted to FT. Well some of them are based on my personal experience while playing, and you might have one of these too.

1. You think of plowing and planting crops on your backyard.

2. You search the internet for some mp3 formats of the FT song so that you could download it to your cellphone.

3. You see trees and think of rearranging them.

4. Sometimes, your only log in to your pc to check on your crops.

5. You feel very bad when you know you crops are going to waste but you can't harvest them because your internet connection was lost.

6. You know what crops were planted by just looking at the seeds plowed.

7. You use Unclw Joe's farming calculator and FT data sheet to calculate the harvesting time and price of your crops.

8. You draw layouts and designs for your farm and plan what will it look like.

9. You start dreaming about your Pet Society pet harvesting your crops..

10. When you look at vegetable gardens, you say, "Tomato, 75%.."

11. You take a screenshot of your farm and have it as your desktop wallpaper.

12. You log in on 3 different FT accounts at the same time.

13. You fight over your brother/sister who gets to use the computer first.

14. You spread the FT gospel and your friends and officemates and encourage them to add you as their neighbor.

15. You visit your neighbors everyday because you know you earn coins and xp from doing this.