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Adidas Jabulani Ball

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By livestrong793 on
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Without a doubt, the Adidas Jabulani world cup ball is one of the worst made match balls in the history of the world cup. If you have been watching the world cup, you will have seen the ball flying over the goal and swerving in an unusual fashion. In most cases, fans like the unpredictability of the ball's movement because it usually means a lot more goals. This world cup we have seen the exact opposite for the most part. Already influenced by the altitude, the players cannot seem to keep the ball down on free kicks, crosses, corners, etc. I personally bought one of these balls and have played with it a fair amount. The material used to make the ball is unlike the material used to make most other soccer balls. Obviously it was not a good idea. Adidas received numerous complaints from players and coaches about the ball, but they seemed to just shrug them off and ignore them. After watching this world cup, it's safe to say that the players had a right to complain and be upset about the ball. These are the best players in the world and they could not keep a 20 yard free kick on target. I would encourage anyone looking for a premium match ball to stay away from the Jabulani ball. It is priced to high for the quality you get. If I was going to buy a ball at that price, I would go with the nike omniball used in the english premiership. It is constructed much better and it's what the pros are using day in and day out. It takes more skill to control a ball like that, as opposed to the Jabulani ball where luck is usually the key factor. So if you are in the market for a nice soccer ball, I would look to nike or another major producer before going with adidas.