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Adidas Pure Game Deo Anti Perspirant Body Spray No Sweat!

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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No sweat.

I received my usual mixed bag of Christmas goodies, and saw one of the standard items, a can of Deo-spray. At first I was not convinced that this was an actual antiperspirant, more of just a spray with something to mask the smell. I was of course wrong (yet again) because this was a bit of both. I was rather pleased to receive it, because it stops me sweating under my arms, and is always handy to have just in case there is any chance of body odour.

This deo-spray by Adidas works for me, without leaving white stains (although I have never had a problem with this.) The scent is not too bad for a man, and this is used occasionally by women. I would probably describe the scent as "subtle" or perhaps it is just not that special. It certainly does not smell bad, just nothing to write home about. You can certainly detect the alcohol used in the typical masculine type of scent, this is ethyl alcohol used as a solvent. Unusually for a man's scent, this is not at all spicy, nor the usual musky scent associated with male grooming products. There is no trace of that woody or woodsy smell either. Personally I would prefer no scent at all, just my opinion .The scent you can definitely recognise, tend to be the citrus notes, especially Lemon, in fact it does remind me of bathroom cleaners, but not at all unpleasant. I received mine as a gift, so didn't have to pay for it. I have looked up prices however, and this varies from 99 pence, to over two Pounds Sterling! I think this is far too much.

The container holds 150 ml, which is fairly small for a can of deodorant, but this seems to last forever. The full name of this product is "Adidas. Developed with athletes. Cool tech. Pure Game. Deo Body Spray. 24 hour fresh boost." This is a bit of a mouthful, and most of the text on the can is white on yellow, so it is difficult to read. As for drying time, I normally apply before putting on my underpants, then it is dry enough to don a shirt, so not long at all.

Now for the can itself, this is the conventional aluminium one, with the large plastic top, Pressing down the top sprays a nice fine spray, because this is an aerosol. I have nothing against aerosols, but in this day and age, most products can be stored in a simple trigger bottle. This would be much kinder to the planet. The container itself could be made from re-cycled plastic too, instead of the aluminium used. While I am "on my soapbox" I will also state that this is made in Spain, then shipped to the UK. The transport of materials like aerosols, is carried out under strict regulations, and when you read the following warnings on the can, you will understand why.

The first hazard you notice on the can, is a flame symbol, meaning this product is flammable, EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE! Next you will read "SOLVENT ABUSE CAN KILL INSTANTLY" - yes in CAPITAL letters! Then, after another "CAUTION" you are warned about the fact that this is a pressurised container, and so you must not expose it to temperatures exceeding 50 degrees C, or even sunlight! You must not pierce or burn the can, even when empty. Keep away from naked flame etc. No smoking of course, and keep out of the reach of children. Do not use on irritated or broken skin, and if a rash develops, discontinue use! Also avoid use near the eyes of course. You are then warned that this is not for intimate hygiene use, I must say this can sting certain areas! I sounded like a Monkey (OOOOH OOOOH AAAAH OOOOH!)

The can has the usual re-cycle symbol, but we all know most aluminium is never re-cycled. This s a shame, but remember that baking foil just gets sent to landfill, as do most sweet wrappers. We all try to re-cycle drinks cans, but often antiperspirants gets emptied then just thrown away. This not the most "green" product, but I have to say it does work, just don't convince yourself you are saving the planet.