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Adobe Dreamweaver

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Shane Stapleton By Shane Stapleton on
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Adobe Dreamweaver is a great software program that allows you to create and edit websites. It has a pretty good bit of features on it. You can easily drag and drop pictures onto a document. You can add color to text and background with just a click of a button. But the one thing that draws most people to Dreamweaver is that you don't really have to do that much coding to develop a good-looking website. The coding that you do have to do is almost always very simple. Also, when you are coding, you can click on this button that says split-view and that allows you to view your coding that you are typing right then and the design of the website template as well. So, you don't have to keep on switching between the coding and then to the design view to check and see if everything is working correctly.

Now, here's probablly the part that you don't want to hear. It is very frustrating to get use to. You have to learn a lot about it and use it for a while to really be able to pick up and create a website how you want it to look like and very quickly. But, once you do have experience then it should be an ease.