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Adorable Infrared Thermometer

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We got this thermometer from our dearest friend who lives in China and currently works in a lab supplier. At first glance, we didn’t notice that this was not like any other thermometer. It definitely looked like a regular thermometer but later on we learned that this was an infrared thermometer. Now as you may feel a bit confused about what an infrared thermometer is about, I was wondering the same thing at that time.

Okay first let me tell you the work of this thermometer. Like common thermometer, it’s a digital thermometer and has a display. What makes it different is that to measure body temperature, we don’t need to stick it to armpit and mouth like the work of any other common thermometer. Instead, we only put it near forehead and/or ears. Keep the distance of about 3cm from the forehead, or enter it a bit into ear hole, and whoa, the infrared will work and the result will be displayed in less than 1 second. Now, that’s what I call ultra-fast reading!

The thermometer can read temperature either in Celsius or Fahrenheit. For body measurement, the maximum degree that can be measured is 50ºC.And we can use it to measure room temperature as well. We have tried it to measure our bedroom temperature and it works perfectly. In addition, it can store up to 19 test results. If more than 19, the older result will be deleted automatically. And the temperature result either for body or room is very accurate.

The battery indicator is displayed on the screen. From the moment we get this thermometer, we haven’t replaced the battery yet. So the battery life is very good. Meanwhile, it also has a water-proof lens. I once accidentally dropped some water on it but it still works perfectly. For cleaning treatment, I only rub it with a little water or alcohol. Pretty easy, right? Another good thing is that it has auto-off feature. If we don’t turn it off in one minute, it will turn off automatically.

Besides working as a thermometer, this thermometer can also be used as desk clock. Just set the time at it, and there it goes the clock. What I like best from this thermometer is that we can measure moving subjects/objects without having to have contact with them. It’s best to use to children because they sometimes could not stand or lay still. When my cousin’s hyper-active child had a cold when staying at our house, this thermometer was doing its best job.

This is a perfect thermometer and we even consider purchasing one for our parents. I just happen to know that the price is about $45. A bit expensive for a thermometer but I think this is more than a thermometer could offer. All and all, I adore this thermometer very much.