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Adt Spare Batteries Are A Must!

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How I ever heard the phone ring, I’ll never know!

I was in my boyfriends home. I had gotten off of work early and decided to go out and pick up his items for his favorite meal and cook it for him as a surprise when he got home from work… but here I stand in his home not able to hear myself think…

The alarm is DEAFENING!!!

What was the code?

How did I forget the code!

Thankfully, somehow I heard the phone ring… and I knew the password so at least the police weren’t deployed… What a nice surprise that would be!

Uhhhh… honey can you come bail me out of jail? Yeah… right!

The woman on the other end of the line was great. She could not tell me the code to the system but she did walk me back through the steps of how to shut it off and miracle of miracles her calm voice broke my brain freeze and I got that alarm off!

Let me tell you, it was so loud that I heard it in my head for quite a while after it was off… It was sooooo loud! Did I say it was loud, because it was!

The ADT system works quite efficiently.

When it is installed there is a choice of a variety of door and window sensors as well as eyes. If there are pets in the home the eyes can be placed up higher so that a pet walking around a home will not set off the alarm.

The ADT system also has a fire/smoke alarm that is in sync with the unit.

If any of the sensors, eyes or fire/smoke alarms go off and ADT representative will call the home immediately. When answering the phone a password must be stated to ensure that you are not the perpetrator. If there is trouble or if the password is incorrect, the police or fire department are contacted and sent out by the ADT representative.

There is also the super loud alarm, which in itself is enough to drive anyone away!

One of the issues that I have with the system is that the batteries used for the system are hard to find locally and quite pricey. It is a small inconvenience unless you do not have a spare when the battery in the smoke alarm starts to get low… then the system tells you “a battery is low.” in a voice that seems soothing the first 5 - 10 times she tells you, but then gets extremely annoying after a while… Apparently in the version of the system that my boyfriend has there is no override to shut off the voice for the smoke alarm. This is supposed to be a safety feature so that you will not just shut if off and forget about. While good in theory, when the battery decides to get low at ohhhhh… 2am when there is no way to get a replacement, it gets old really fast…

So, ya know, if you like your sleep and you have an ADT or similar system that takes fancy smancy batteries, always have a spare on hand!

Since I live here now and we still have the system there are extra batteries in a very convenient place!