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Advair Is The Answer For Me

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littlevetoe By littlevetoe on
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In general, I ignore television ads for prescription medications because I truly believe that drug companies have no right to advertise to me a product I can't buy without a prescription. I can understand advertising to my doctor, but not to me directly via the most expensive means available. Without a doubt these ads are paid for with money spent by individuals and insurance companies that already pay WAY too much for medications.

Here comes the 'however'... however, Advair, which is heavily advertised, really is a wonder drug in my opinion. Since I was just a wee tyke, I suffered with asthma, 'hay fever', and allergies that affected my breathing, sleeping and general health. Once I started on Advair several years ago, I am rarely reaching for my inhaler, regardless of season or activity.

It is not a rescue inhaler like albuterol, but rather a maintenance drug that is used daily to keep symptoms away. The largest drawback to this product is the price. It is quite expensive for a 30 day supply unless you have some kind of insurance coverage. This cost could most likely be less if they didn’t advertise it so much, but I’ve already beat that dead horse… another however… however, GSK gives doctors lots of samples of this product and if you feel that you would benefit from it, by all means “ask your doctor” and make sure to ask, beg or steal as many samples as you can.