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Advanced Revitalift Day Cream Wbonus

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In the midst of all the frenzy to prepare for an upcoming family wedding I decided to take some time to check out my makeup requirements and determine whether or not I could upgrade my normal everyday look to something a little more sheik and sophisticated. The wedding was an evening affair to be held in a little historical town that is known for it's beautiful landscapes and rich heritage buildings. This being only the 2nd child in my family line to marry, the first having been my oldest son, I wanted to look my best. My youngest brother's only child getting married was an exciting affair for our family and welcoming my nephew's new wife to our family tree was the best reason I knew of to splurge in more than a few ways.

After $130 at the cosmetics counter, I obviously needed a lot to make this evening look happen, I rushed home to wash my face clean and try the first thing on my list of 'have always wanted to check this out' products. L'oreal Revitalift is a product that almost all of us have seen at one time or another advertised on TV. I've always wondered if this product actually did what it claims to and when I saw it on the store shelf tucked amongst a number of other things that were on sale, I decided that this was a good time to test it out. Of course, like hair cuts, you really shouldn't be experimenting just a day or two before a huge event, but I never listen to such 'tales' and sometimes I pay the price. Except for the fact that a good friend is also a skilled hair stylist, my cut which she didn't do but I wish she had, would have been one of those Don't Do It catastrophies everyone talks about. Thankfully both my hair and this dual product turned out better than I expected.

The package I bought came with a 'bonus', the eye lift cream...the duel container that holds white cream for under the eyes and red gel for the eye lids and brow area. The other product, the daytime Revitalift cream was the other product included. Both containers are full size and have a generous amount of product within them.

The AM Revitalift face and neck cream is a creamy white texture and it goes on smoothly and leaves the skin feeling very smooth to the touch. Although it makes the skin 'shine' somewhat, the skin doesn't feel greasy and is well primed for makeup application that seems to stay put much better after using the creams as the base. It offers an SPF18 sunscreen protection as well which is great if you prefer wearing no make up over it.

After applying the all over face and neck cream I applied the under eye cream and the upper eyelid/brow cream. Normally, when I apply eye cream it tends to feel like it's burning my skin in that area but the L'Oreal eye cream hasn't done that, which is a good sign. Cream that burns or feels too strong usually leaves me fighting dry patches after only a few hours or a day at most. I've used all the creams faithfully for 3 days now and no signs at all of any kind of irritation has erupted. All three creams appear to be compatible with sensitive skin which is always a bonus.

Makeup goes on beautifully after using these creams, even eye shadow, especially cream based, which will normally crease up after a few hours, especially in the eyelid crease, stayed on beautifully and the only makeup I ended up reapplying during the evening was lip gloss.

Despite using the cream both morning and night I can see where the 50ml jar of facial cream will likely last for some time as you don't use very much of it every application. The advanced double eye lift cream comes in a 15ml container and again very little is used per application.

We have to remember that with these types of products every person who purchases them, has a different issue that they'd like to see corrected and such creams will not always work on every scenario, thus the reason why some people see results while others don't. This review is written under the premise that for me it works but for others it may not...I believe it depends on just how drastic a change you need/want. For now, I'll continue to use these products because for me they did indeed offer more than I expected. I'd like to see the cost of them go way down however as sold separately, these two products will set you back over $50 but given that my other makeup didn't have to be reapplied half way through an evening, perhaps the cost is justifiable.