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Advantage Multi For Dogs

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Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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I used to get, every month, for my little Dachshund Frontline for fleas and Heartguard for worms. That's two products I would have to give to my dog every month at a cost of a little over $20 EVERY MONTH. The receptionist at the vets office one month when I went in to get Jacks monthly dose of Frontline and Heartguard suggested that I try Advantage Multi. It's one product but it does the same as the two I was using before and it is about $5 cheaper then buying the other two products. So I caved and bought a dose for that month to see how I liked it and I liked it and have been buying it every month since.

Advantage Multi is an All-in- one product. It kills Fleas before they can lay eggs on your pet. It also prevents against Heartworms, Roundworms, Hookworms and Whipworms.

The application is very similar to Frontline. It is in a small tube and you use the cap to poke a hole in the top and then you open up a spot of skin on your pet between the shoulder blades and apply until all the product is out of the tube. This is also the products only downfall. It's very messy and can transfer to furniture or your hands or anything else the dog decides to rub it's back up against. I usually apply the product to my Doxie at night, right before bed time, that way the product will dry over night while Jack is sleeping and other people in the house are sleeping. No one pets him and accidently gets Advantage all over their hands that way and Jack doesn't get it all over the house that way either.

It works very fast as well. By the time Jack wakes up the next morning there is not a living flea on him. And he has never had any problems with worms either.

If the company could just find a less messy way to apply this product it would be perfect.