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Adventure To The Wilds In Ohio

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Have you ever wanted to go on a safari or actually experience wild animals in a natural setting. Well, if you like animals and like nature, I certainly know of a place in Ohio where you can experience it all.

The Wilds is located in Cumberland, Ohio on 10, 000 reclaimed acres of mining land in Southeastern Ohio. It is an animal conservation center which offers the unique experience of seeing the animals in a natural setting. There are many activities available for those who like the great outdoors with some adventure added to the mix.

If you want to go on a safari tour, you may purchase a safari travel pass, take the open air safari tour, or take the Sunset Safari Tour. They even have tours which are conducted with handicapped accessible transports.

Living in Southeastern, Ohio, we have access to the Wilds basically any time we want to visit. I have been there several times, and it amazes me every time I visit. They always have something new to see.

Lodging is available for groups at the Lodge located within the grounds of the Wilds, or a visitor can stay at other lodgings which are located throughout this area of Southeastern Ohio.

Besides the safari's, there are other activities which a visitor may participate. Mountain biking, visit the birding station, go fishing, visit the Butterfly Habitat, or just take pictures and enjoy the scenery are some of the activities available to ecperience at the Wilds. I know this is not all of the activitie available to see and experience at this beautiful place.

They have winter activities, educational programs, and many other programs and activities which a person can become involved while helping the Wilds to continue its work in Conservation.

This is certainly a place to see which words could not possibly express completely. It is one of those places which you have to see to believe.

This is not a trip to the zoo where animals are caged up, this is a place where you experience the animals in a truly natural setting. There is a lot to see and experience.

Prices vary depending on what you wish to see and experience. I am not really sure how much we spent. I actually wasn't keeping track. I was caught up and mesmerized by this beautiful place. I know that the activities are reasonably priced. I know the safari tours are 20 to 65 dollars for each adult depending on which one you choose. Children have special rates lower then adult rates. Lodging will depend on how long you stay in the area and where you stay.

This is a place for families or just adults. Anyone could find something to enjoy and do at this wanderful place.

Staying at the Lodge is rather pricey but other lodging is much cheaper throughout the area.

I truly recommend the Wilds in Southeastern Ohio for anyone who would like a little adventure without paying a massive price.