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Aerogard Guards Insect Away!

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Aerogard Repellent Spray Reckitt Guards

I bought Aerogard Odourless Insect Repellent Spray a couple of months ago. It was the peek of summer season here in Australia. There were lots of flies at day time and mosquitoes at night time. My kids have very sensitive skin. My son is especially attractive to mosquitoes, compared to my daughter. If there are mosquitoes inside the room, my soon would definitely get dozens of bites in few minutes, while my daughter would get one or two.

I chose Aerogard because I have used the roll-on version of this before during out of town travel. It was so effective. I wanted though something that is easy to apply, therefore, I bought the spray. Also, the bottle indicates that it is odourless, so I thought that would be great!

As Aerogard Odourless Insect Repellent Spray repels mosquitoes and flies for sure. It was very effective. I sprayed it on my kids' skin during day time play outdoor, as well as before bed time. It is very important that I knew they were protected especially at night time so I did not need to get up from bed a couple of times just to check if there were mosquitoes in their bedroom.

What I did not like about Aerogard Odourless Insect Repellent Spray:

First, it is supposed to be odourless. It's not! It smells like a strong alcohol that really stink and will hurt your nose if you accidentally sniff or inhale while spraying it. Being an asthmatic, I refuse to encounter products like this as it may trigger my asthma and cause a really bad attack. But since it is for the protection of my kids, I can just ignore the odour and make sure I don't sniff it while spraying.

Second, it is supposed to be non-greasy as indicated in the bottle. It is not! The skin gets very sticky after spraying it on. My son hated it. I just explained to him that we really need to spray it on his skin so that mosquitoes will stay away from him. Lucky, he understood and allowed me to spray it on his skin.

Aerogard Odourless Insect Repellent Spray must be sprayed 15-20cm away from the skin. It can also be applied to face by spraying it on hands and rub it onto skin. Do not spray it directly to face as it may irritate your eyes.

However, considering the fact that Aerogard Odourless Insect Repellent Spray is very effective in protecting my kids' skin from mosquito and other insect bites, I still believe that it is a good product. It is suitable for kids 12 months and over.