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Aerosmith's Greatest Hits

Reviewing: Columbia Records 1980/1993 Sony Music Entertainment  |  Rating:
David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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This Aerosmith Greatest Hits release was first available in stores in 1980. It includes hit songs from 1973-1979. Several songs lay out the albums success, including such titles as 'Dream On', 'Sweet Emotions' and 'Walk This way', all of which are my favorites .

'Dream On', 'Same Old Song And Dance', and 'Sweet Emotion' are the first three on this party album/cd. The #4 song, 'Walk This Way', is probably Aerosmith's all -time best, with a great instrumental mix and superb lyrics belched out by Steven Tyler.

The next song, 'Last Child' reminds me of being an onion farmer. Though doing the chore was dreaded, I always wanted to be "Home Sweet Home", as Steven Tyler would express it in this true 70's hit. This song always reminds me of those 'Walla Walla Sweets'.

'Back In The Saddle' is another top hit that was popular on the radio. This one was almost as powerful as 'Walk This Way'. This band definately had its own style with such hits as this favorite party song. The clopping of horse hooves highlight this top Aerosmith song. You can also hear the snapping of the cowboys whip.

'Draw The Line, 'Kings And Queens', and 'Come Together' are the 7th, 8th, and 9th songs on this great 70's collection. Each of these are awesome, and are known to be the songs that Aerosmith flew to fame with. This series is a great line up. I really liked the 'Kings And Queens' title, which sounded a little like Boston.

'Remember(Walking In The Sand)', is a song that I will never forget. This one was playing on the night my first son was concieved, and is a great lovemaking song that was popular big time. It sort of has a great rythym.

If you really like that great ol' 70's music, and you haven't got around to picking this one up, you should put it on your list of to-do's. 10 'Hit' titles for $10 is one heck of a deal!