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Affordable Over The Counter Pain Relief

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As you probably know, Ibuprohen is probably one of the best over the counter pain relievers there are for minor aches and pains. Ibuprophen is not only a pain reliever but also a fever reducer (NSAID) and is also used to treat a variety of things like:* Headache

* Muscle Aches

* Body aches due to the common cold

* Toothache Pain

* Backache

* Menstrual cramps

I generally pick up this 24 count bottle of the 200 mg coated tablets to have on hand, just in case. Although, it's hard for me to be a really good judge of this product because I do have Fibromyalgia and it is hard to treat my pain with most over the counter medication, especially when my symptoms are flaring. But when it's not, it does help me a little bit sometimes.

However those of you who aren't affected by Fibromyalgia, I'm sure will find great relief for day to day aches and pains. Plus at 98 cents, you can't beat the price! Just remember though, before taking any medication, please read and follow the instructions thoroughly!