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Affordable Top Care Emery Boards Work

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Top Care Emery Boards

Emery boards are a life saver. Have you ever torn a nail only to then rip a nylon when your nail snagged on your hose? If you’d had a Top Care Emery Board on hand you could have avoided the run in your nylons, and emery boards are certainly less expensive than new nylons. My favorite disposable emery boards are from Top Care and I buy them inexpensively at my local grocery store.

If you aren’t familiar with emery boards, they are emery coated pieces of heavy cardboard. Emery is an abrasive rock type powder that is sometimes called black sand. To create the orange color typical of emery boards, other minerals such as iron oxides and aluminum oxides are added to the emery mixture before coating the cardboard form. One side of the emery board files the nails and the other side is usually smooth for easy handling.

One of the reasons emery boards gained popularity is that multi-use nail files is many people think this nail tool harbors bacteria after repeated use. Research has shown that dirty nail tools transmit many types of nail fungus when used on multiple people. Many people feel the disposable emery boards are more hygienic than a reusable nail file. However, if you do reuse the disposable emery boards they can also harbor and transfer bacteria under the nails leading to infection or fungal nail concerns.

A package of sixteen Top Care orange emery boards costs me just $1.29 at my local Busch’s grocery. It’s the same place that I buy my Basic Organics L-Lysine ointment, so it’s very convenient. I admit to reusing my emery boards and have had infections around my cuticle. Old emery boards can snag cuticles rather easily if you have rough or dry hands. However, applying a bit of l-lysine ointment to the affected area can help heal the damaged tissue, just like the l-lysine ointment heals chapped lips.

The package has sixteen emery boards. These disposable emery boards tend to last longer than other disposable orange emery boards I’ve used due to their heavy concentration of fine grain emery. This makes it less likely for cuticle damage to occur. Like sandpaper, emery boards come in a variety of grains from fine to coarse although they are not typically labeled with that information. Where sandpaper is regulated, emery boards aren't, so finding the best one is a matter of trial and error and the packaging isn't going to give you much of a clue about the quality of the emery board inside. These handy nail tools are so inexpensive the packaging is usually very minimal.

The grain on these handy emery boards is tighter than other disposable nail files I’ve used. Tighter, and perhaps this nail care tool brand is made of a thicker cardboard base too. They are very sturdy. The Top Care Emery Boards have substance to them and don’t break easily. I can handle many nail emergencies with just one of these orange emery boards and except for the occasional cuticle snag, I have had better success at keeping healthy nails with emery boards than multi-use nail files. The emery boards are also very conveniently sized to pop into a purse, check book sleeve, or long wallet, and they’re strong enough they don’t crack even if you have a bunch of loose items rattling around your bag.