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Aflac!! Worth Checking Into!

Reviewing: Aflac (American Family Life Assurance Company Of Columbus) Supplemental Insurance  |  Rating:
Bobbi McKenney By Bobbi McKenney on
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When my husband had the opprtunity to take up a policy with Aflac, we decided to sit down and look over the information. We both had seen the commericals on t.v. with the cute little ducky but, did not really know much about what they had to offer. He met with a representive from the compay at work one day and brought home information for us to look over togather. After carefully reviewing all the information we decided that since our youngest son is so accident prone that this would be a great addtion to our health insurance. He signed us up for the family policy which cost 16.89 a month. This amount was automaticaly deducted out of his check. The range of coverage included lacerations, CT scans, fratures, dismemberment, eye injuries, knocking teeth out, skin grafts, the list goes on and on. The first time that we had to make a claim on this insurance was when my youngest son fell off the top bunk and caught his eye on the drawer of his sisters dresser and gashed his eyebrow open down to his skull. His laceration was at least 5cm so they paid $65, then he had a CT scan so they paid another $200 for a total of $265. This insurance program is really nice and intended to help cover the cost of your insurance deductiable for your health coverage or for prescriptions or whatever. I know that when we made a claim they were very timely and professional on the phone and always sent out the paperwork or faxed immediatley. Thus, reuslting in a check with in about 5-7 days of the claim bieng made. I just know that we would be out alot of dollars in health insurance deductiables if it was not for these guys.