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Afrin Nasal Spray No Drip Extra Moisturizing Review

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By peytonshea02 on
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I had been suffering with a terrible sinus cold for several days when I remembered a coupon I had for Afrin. The traditional over the counter pills weren't really helping, so I decided to try Afrin Nasal Spray No Drip Extra Moisturizing. Initially I was not thrilled about using a nasal spray. The idea of them sort of just sounds like it would be uncomfortable. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. So I tried it. When I first used the nasal spray, I was really bothered by the medication going directly into my nose. It burned a little was the taste/smell was not pleasant at all. It did relieve my congestion within about 3-5 minutes, but the taste stayed in the back of my throat for about 1/2 and hour. And despite my congestion being gone, my nasal passages really hurt from this product. Also, it claims to work 12 hours and my stuffiness was back in about 6 hours. According the the package you cannot use this product more that 2 times in 24 hours, so I had to use another product anyway. These are also many health warnings on the label. If you have diabetes, high pressure, thyroid problems, etc you are advised not to use this.

Although it did provide some much needed instant relief, the discomfort of using this as well as the length of relief, discouraged me from continuing to use this product.