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Against Medical Advice

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James Patterson is one is one of my favorite mystery writer but in this book, Against Medical Advice, he takes a shot at co writing a book about a young boy’s fight with Tourette’s Syndrome. The boy’s father, Hal Friedman, is the co writer.

This book is the true story of Cory Friedman who at the age of 5 developed Tourette’s Syndrome and OCD. It started one afternoon and two days later he is misdiagnosed as ADD and put on Ritalin. Finally the doctor corrects the mistake and what follows is a 13 year battle to find the right medication to help Corey. The book details in depth his struggle to deal with his disease and to get others to understand it also. The book discusses doctors who give him every kind of medicine sometimes just to see if it will work for Tourette’s Syndrome and further their research.

Against Medical Advice talks about Cory’s life in high school and how he turns to alcohol to help with his physical and mental pain and the violent rages he has begun to feel.

The book wraps up by discussing how Cory and his family triumphed over this disease.

I read this book in one day. It is so well written that you can almost feel the desperation of this family and it is heart wrenching. This is a must read for anyone especially those who need to see what victory looks like.