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Age Of Booty. Arrrr...

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A'hoy Matey! Ye be readin' my review of Age of Booty, a casual strategy game made by Certain Affinity for the pirate in all o' ya!

Age of booty is a simple strategy game with flash-like graphics that is downloadable for PC, X-Box Live, and Playstation Network. As a player, you control your own pirate ship, manouvering it around the map to attack towns and other ships, and to gather your three key resources: wood, gold coins, and rum. The main objective of the game is to compete against the other pirate ships (Human players or AI) and capture the most towns in the allotted time. The resources you collect can be traded in for upgrades to your ship in the areas of speed, armour, and cannons, or they can be used to upgrade the towns you capture to help fortify them against enemy attacks.

This game has 21 single-player challenges that work their way up from easy to hard. Then there is a multiplayer function where you can team up and compete against other human players, computer bots, or a combination of both. This function offers at least 30 different maps and 8 non-human characters to mix-and-match.

Finally, there is a map editor, which allows you to customize your own maps to play with your friends.

Overall, I find this to be relaxing, low-intensity fun. It's a great casual game to unwind with, or to play with family, and it is suitable for all ages.

Check it out or download your own copy here: Certain Affinity